What you will learn

  • To cultivate the right mindset for your business - your inner game
  • Defining your Current and Future States
  • Setting the right goals
  • Measuring those goals with Nett Asset Value
  • Structuring your business
  • Defining, refining and developing business ideas
  • Structuring and organizing a business entity for success
  • Getting your vision right
  • Building a core ideology
  • Using critical success factors for success
  • Launching your business entity the correct way
  • How to create your own product or service designed around your interests and passions
  • Defining the markets and products/services for your business
  • Defining and refining product/services differentiators
  • Defining target markets and market segmentation
  • Defining competitiveness and market attractiveness
  • Learning how to compete with operations
  • How to structure an effective management team with the right people
  • Defining financial models that make sense for your business
  • Mitigating financial risks
  • How to get funding
  • How to compile an action plan for business success
  • Demystifying business challenges
  • Knowing upfront whether your business will work or not
  • How to mitigate business risks
  • The keys to success for your business
  • Extensive training on finding your niche
  • Step by step training on conducting effective research
  • How to design and map out every level of your business
  • How to create your product or service in extensive detail
  • How to get customers and keeping them
  • How to build a sales funnel by targeting the correct customers
  • How to scale your business to grow
  • A business toolset with templates and practical implementation
  • Many more…..

Who Should Enrol

  • Students (School/University/Colleges)
  • Prospective Entrepreneurs
  • Current Business Owners / Entrepreneurs
  • Employees of Companies
  • Managers
  • Sole Proprietors

Course Design


Course Content

13 Modules 59 Video Lessons

Course Highlights

A step-by-step-guide with tried and tested processes to ensure a customized business roadmap and strategic framework for an individual, prospective entrepreneur or business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Complete business roadmap customized for your own business environment
  • Have a competitive edge over any other business who have not done the course
  • Conquered your obstacles and fears to starting your own business
  • Have a clear idea whether you have a feasible business
  • Mitigates risk of failure
  • Financial Freedom
  • Create your own job security
  • Avoid costly mistakes.
  • Save a tremendous amount of time and money.


Quizzez. The user will need to obtain at least 50% to progress to the next lesson.


Complete the course. A completion certificate is automatically generated.

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Providing a student with tried and tested processes to start, optimize ore reposition themselves or their business. Provides customized business roadmap and strategic framework as a result.