Newcomers and seasoned marketers can easily make costly mistakes. This book deals with 20 key topics in Marketing from how to be a successful person to what can help and block marketing efforts to target marketing, positioning, how to identify a gap in the market, how to build a strong brand, how to assess a brand’s stamina, customer service, digital marketing, the importance of value for money and how to avoid falling into strategic marketing traps.

Who Should Enrol

The target audience is marketing executives and seasoned marketers.

Course Design

This is a book, sourced online.

Course Content

The book consists of 20 topics/chapters:

  1. The Good, the Bad and the Sad 10 traits of good marketers and 10 traits of EGO (exceptional greatness overstated) marketers.
  2. The Secrets of Successful Marketing 5 key factors in WTP (where to play), HTW (how to win) and 4 steps in WTD (what to do - to win).
  3. Key Marketing Builders and Blockers 10 key marketing builders and blockers marketers encounter every day.
  4. Stupidity Reigns amongst the Uninformed A marketer without facts is just another person with an opinion. 10 key issues about facts.
  5. Fish where the Fish are Successful marketing requires identifying and targeting the most viable target market.
  6. Discover the Me, Myself and I generation A unique alphabet to describe the MMI’s (Millennials, Xennials, Gen Y’s and Gen Z’s).
  7. Discover today’s Shopper 5 types of shoppers and what to consider in managing their path to purchase.
  8. Take the Gap, avoid the Trap Can a market be saturated? Discover when there is a gap in the market?
  9. Victory via VFM The importance of value for money, promotions and the danger of Black Friday.
  10. Marketing’s Magic Words Meet the 12 ‘eyeball attractors’ in Marketing, the top 10 magic words in Digital marketing and 5 words to avoid.
  11. The P of all P’s Why Positioning is the most important P in marketing.
  12. Brand Loyalty: Myth or Reality? 9 arguments why brand loyalty no longer exists.
  13. Avoid Monkey see, Monkey do It is easier to imitate than to innovate – leading to me-too products which are doomed to failure. Discover 2 solutions.
  14. How to build a Strong Brand and give it Longevity How did brands, 80 years and older stay relevant and exciting? Even market leaders? Discover 8 things that make a brand strong.
  15. The Brand Stamina Monitor The 30 key factors that monitor a brand’s agility and viability – or failure.
  16. No Customers, no Business, no Profit 4 reasons why marketers and retailers fail when it comes to customer service.
  17. From Word of Mouth to Word of Mouse The pros and cons of WOM (word of mouth) and digital word of mouse.
  18. Digital is Everything but Everything is not Digital The nature and benefits of, and lessons learned in digital media.
  19. The Strong theory, the Weak theory Arguments for and against Advertising and Shopper Rewards & Loyalty Programmes.
  20. The Strategic Planning Trap 5 traps in preparing and implementing a strategic marketing plan. How to avoid the traps.

Course Highlights

This book is a to-the-point, easy-to-read, practical guide for marketers – everything they need to know to avoid making silly mistakes and to be successful.

Learning Outcomes

The book is intended to : 

  • provide marketers with the necessary knowledge and skills to plan their marketing efforts
  • to be better than and different from the competition
  • to avoid making silly mistakes
  • to build strong brands and monitor their brands
  • to understand the importance of key marketing issues like positioning, customer service, value for money, effective communication and strategic planning.


The user will be assessed by answering 2 questions per chapter and achieving the required number of correct answers (that is, two opportunities to answer questions with a minimum of 70% pass to obtain CPD points).


Pass the assessment as per MASA requirements.

CPD Approval

The Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA)
15 CPD Points at CMSA Level
Category: Marketing
CPD Approval Number: MA  LK 19001

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The book is about Marketing – what marketers need to know and be able to do to be a well-rounded, successful marketer.

15.0 CPD Points

Level 1